domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

...One place...

I try read your mind
And hear what is unsaid
I try heal your heart
So I’ll be fine
I wish every single moment
Can have you by my side
I wish can see in your eyes
Just one little spark
I dream with you every night
And I hope can hold you one day
But I see you fade away into my fingers
I reach out my hand to you
But you never hold it
And I fall like a house of cards
Guy you’re the reason
Why I write all this poems
You’re the reason why I sing
And between all melodies
Your voice is my favorite one
And with all this
I still love you
And I really hate me for this
So I think that is time to let you go
Like a butterfly you’ll fly away
But always will stay in one place
Inside of my heart!

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