sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

A little bit about you

Today in the morning while I’m lying in my bed
I’m thinking about many things
Thinking about my feelings
Things about me
And I perceive that I’m tripping in my own words
So I guess that is better let the silence speak for me
Sometimes in life is better hear the silence
He have the best answer to us.
I feel deep inside one thing that I never feel before.
And I want you here each day more
The seconds pass and I just can think in you
Even with everything when you’re around I forget the world
I only see you, your face, and your smile
Boy, believe when I say
Everything is about you
And I never feel this way before
You’re not perfect
But you’re perfect to me
You’re the missing part of me
But I’ll try
Try let that things be how they must be
I won’t make the things more complicated.
So I’ll try don’t think in you
I’ll try not reminding you
Not dream with you
I’ll try keep you locked in my heart
Until the day that I have the answers for everything
Especially for what exist between us
I believe that time will put everything in your own place
And will make me understand everything
Including what you mean to me...