terça-feira, 16 de novembro de 2010

Just another love poem

If every time I think about you a star fades away, soon the sky will not have his customary brilliance.
If every time I think about you a molecule of oxygen disappears, soon we'll all be without air
If every beat of my heart he calls your name.
If always, you're present, either in thought, in the absence or in the simple ringing of the clock.
You do this every time...
You took my heart, as if it were yours.
But I want to know if mine is your heart.
Among the many hidden words, among the many hidden truths gaping.
Among many uncertainties certain and the certainties uncertain...
I wish just for a ephemeral moment hold you here , have you here.
I don't want to be so dreamy
So fickle
And so in love
Maybe if I was a bit more realistic, down to earth.
I don't want to go down in history of "love me or love me not"
I want a real feeling that takes my breath away
I want that you realize, realize that my heart is yours.
I want that you realize that my heart beats for you
My soul call you
And you never answer.
I don't know what do, you seems never comprehend
I guess that my eyes tell you all my secrets, but they won't
So I just want that you know that I love you so.
But this words will be locked in my heart...