quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010


Today I wake up with one eyes in my mind
Your eyes, and I ask to my self if I will go meet they, and I really don't know the answer.
Lately everything turns around you, everything is about you and I, supposed, should hate it but I not hate.
I can't hate your eyes, your smile, your voice, I can hate nothing about you.
I dream with your arms around me, I dream with you saying those words that I always dream hear you say, those three words that can change the world, my world, our world...
But you're so far of me, in a place that I can't reach.
So I go sleep and if I have lucky I will dream with you and have you in the place that I suppose you have to be.
I know our love will never be more than a dream, my dream or in some nights my nightmare.
Everything that I wanna that you know is that I love you so. But this is something that you never will know, 'Cuz I never will have courage to say it and you never will can read my eyes.
So we will stay in this eternal game, where I will always wonder to myself if you love me, and if I have lucky you will wonder to yourself if I love you.
Maybe one day we finish this game and both win.
You win my love, and I will win you.
Please, read my eyes, they tell every day that I love you madly. You're the only that don't see this.