domingo, 15 de agosto de 2010

Just another poem

This don’t make sense, not anymore
And I’m lost in my own world
Nothing more have a meaning
I'm freaking out, I’m lock in my mind
Nobody can help me now
I don’t know what do or what choice.
Some people stupid around me
Many silly words I hear now
And I Hate this, I hate with all my heart
And you, well you aren’t here
To tell me that everything is gonna be alright
I hate the days without you
And my feelings inside of me seems a hurricane
You not be here
Today I don’t have your smile to put me up
And I don’t have you by my side
This day so cold, I need you
‘Cuz you make be easier grow
I never imagine to have somebody like you in my life
But I found an angel
And when I’m lost and contradicted just you can put me up
‘Cuz you’re the only,
You’re the only one that always will be in my heart
Just you makes easy what should be so hard
And I love it…