terça-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2010

What you mean to me

Today my heart is so confused
He doesn't know how to feel
Sometimes I think someone made it so hard
My heart just wants love
My heart just wanna you
Everything in you is so perfectly
Your eyes, your smile
And when you hug me the whole world stops
When you hold me there is nobody but us
You made everything to have sense and the same time made everything stay out of control
If you knew about my feelings
I hide this love 'cuz I have fear of lose you
You're my best friend
The missed part of me
But you'd never imagine that
Every night I dream with you
And in my dream we have a happy ending
Some days I just want you close
I just need hear your voice
Oh! Boy you got a special way to make me feel fine
You're the only one who know how I feel
When i'm sad you make me laugh
And sparks fly when you look me in the eyes
Everytime I see you my heart races
And I feel butterflies
Now everything is so confused
The only thing i know is that
Everything that I think is about you
Maybe we can be happy
Maybe we can stay together
Who know someday I can call you of mine
I hope have courage to say how I like you
But more than this is the doubt if you like me
Maybe someday somehow all the doubts give place to certainties
Maybe one day we will laugh about all this
You have my heart and soul
'Cuz you're the first love, the true love, the pure love
And I just want have you by my side forever and ever
Guy you don't know but I dream with you every single day
'Cuz you're the missing piece of me
And I love the way how just you make me feel
It's funny the way how you entered in my life, but better than this is that I really love you!
I never imagine that this could happen with me, until you enter in my life just to show me that love is bigger than everything
You're amazing and is incredible how this happened
Maybe someday we can stay together... But bigger than everything is have you in my life
Near or far I need have you in my life
Yeah, I confess you is everything I dreamed
The perfect prince in a white horse!